11th Αfrican Festival - 12 & 13 May 2012
Residence of the South African Ambassador (Diamandidou 5, Paleo Psychico)

On 12 & 13 May, Saturday and Sunday, the African Embassies and Honorary Consulates in Athens invite you to the 11th African Food, Music and Handicrafts Festival to be held at the South African Ambassador's residence in Paleo Psychico.

The African countries that will participate in this festival, will present and provide a rich variety of African culture and tradition through their food, folk art, music, dance and fashion.

The residence's gardens will be filled with stands from various African countries, such as Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda, offering visitors a 'taste' of their traditions and culture.

The proceeds of the 11th African Festival will be donated to charity.

The festival runs from 11.00am to 11.00pm on Saturday, and 11.00am to 8.00pm on Sunday. There is a 2 Euro entrance fee (free entrance for children).

For more information please contact the Embassy of South Africa on 210 6178020.


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When the Seychelles Islands were first settled, it was by a blend of varied ethnicities possessing different customs and ways of life. Throughout its history and down to this very day, Seychelles has continued to be a melting pot of peoples from the four corners of the earth who have each contributed their particular thread to the fabric of this vibrant society, adding to it and being themselves subtly transformed in return.
Against this background of multi-culturalism, diversity and the coming together of peoples, it is fitting that Seychelles should once again be the focal point of an annual 'Carnaval des Carnavals' - bringing representatives from the world's best carnivals to participate in 3 days of celebration alongside cultural groups from the community of nations.
The Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria will be held over a three-day period in March 2012, when it will become a focal point for representatives from the world's most famous carnivals who will be invited to the islands to take part in this exciting international event.
Promising to be the focus of international as well as local attention, the Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria will feature a procession of colourful floats representing the various participants' national carnivals, as well as a raft of other dedicated activities all of which will fall under the carnival's theme.
Widespread international press coverage is expected for this colourful event which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, as it brings the lively ambiance of international carnival time to the islands.

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OCTOBER 2011 - Events Newsletter (1st Issue)

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Yesterday, Mr. Ellinas was proud to invite to his estate the Seychelles representation to the Athens Special Olympics 2011. He felt honoured in meeting with these very special group of people and learn of their excellent performances in the events and their outstanding achievements. The evening then continued at a local Greek taverna where they where all invited and got the chance to try the traditional Greek cuisine.


President James Michel has attended the Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony this morning at the Lavwa Lanasyon (the Voice of the Nation) monument in Victoria to mark the 35th anniversary of the independence of Seychelles. The event was attended by Former President James Mancham, and dignitaries from the National Assembly, the Judiciary, the Government and the Diplomatic Corps.
President James Michel has dedicated the celebration of this year's Independence Day to all the school children and students of the country, who are participating in the annual Inter-Schools Athletic Championships today.
In a message broadcast on national television last night, the President said the young future leaders and their sporting victories for their schools and country are the 'true spirit of a strong Seychellois'. He said that their athletic encounter would be a preview of the Indian Ocean Games, which take place in Seychelles in August.
President Michel said that in the past 35 years as an independent nation, the Seychellois people had built a free and modern Seychelles.
"We have built a democracy that continues to evolve, but which is mature and free. We have built an economy that is solid and resilient in a turbulent world. We have built a society that looks ahead and is compassionate, a society that leaves no one behind and that gives the same opportunities to every Seychellois. During these 35 years, we have overcome the barriers of underdevelopment. We have overcome the class barriers. We have abolished inequality and injustice. We are building a 'A New Seychelles!' I am sure that as our parents and grandparents see the fruits of their struggles, they are proud of their contribution to our fight for independence. On behalf of every Seychellois, I would like to thank them all," said President Michel.
The President noted that the values which bind the society need to be preserved and nurtured.
"We have succeeded in our bid for freedom because of our unity, tolerance, love, patriotism, and most certainly, our hard work. Let us keep on cultivating these good values. We remain vigilant against negative influences that can affect our unity and harmony; influences that can destroy the very fabric of our society."


We are in the proud position to announce that the Seychellois Society of Greece has been fully and legally established and members of this Society today gladly received all the official documents at the Consulate of the Rep. of Seychelles.
Of course this has been achieved with the technical and financial support of the Hon. Consul. Furthermore, he has also committed to substantially finance the society's running costs for the first 2 years.

All Seychellois residing in Greece are kindly requested to contact the Consulate in order to get all relevant information concerning registrations.
As this first stage, being the legal establishment of the society has been executed, we are now in the process of seeking suitable premises to register as headquarters.

Some of the facilities that this society will initially provide, will be to offer a base whereby all Seychellois residing in Greece can meet and discuss all issues concerning them and also have a sense of security. Following the formation, we hope to unite all Seychellois in Greece, by creating this base of communication. Also its purpose will include the participation in any festivals, celebrations and promotions and thus representing the Seychelles (such events require the participants to be of a legal entity). One such example is the well known African Festival which is held in Athens every year by the South-African Embassy whereby all African nations are invited to take part.

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